If You Want To Read One Article About Me In 2027, Read This One.

Sasi Ram
4 min readJun 17, 2021


Version 2.0 of Sasi Ram:

Yes, Sasi Ram.

You might have known this guy and his company ___. One of the best digital marketing companies in India.

But he didn't reach this level easily. He struggled a lot.

His life started drowning in the year 2019, at that time he was one of those jobless engineering graduates looking for any kind of job, but nothing happened, days rolled, eventually, he went into a depression state where everything in his life was a failure, including, no job, failed relationship, relatives nagging him to get a job, even he got affected by COVID-19. Moreover, he felt that his father started hating him.

Everyone's life has two parts, a happy one and a sad one. No matter what You will or you might crossed both parts of life. Your state of mind depends on how you reflect these parts in your life.

But, he always had this in his mind, “everything happening in his life is for a reason”, he took all his failures as motivation and stepping stones for his success. which is why he started his digital marketing journey with a strong ambition to help people, who suffered like him.

He made this one of his ambitions.

The breath of a wounded lion is far more terrifying than its roar — KGF movie 😉

Now, see his life, he turned into a digital marketing expert (especially an affiliate marketing coach), and helping more than 1,00,000 people through his highly valued blogs and youtube videos about earning money online and how to become successful.

He sets an example for people who lost their hope in finding a new job can also taste success in their life. He made them believe that anyone with a strong desire and hard-working behavior can become successful.

He started this journey in 2021 as a digital freelancer providing digital marketing services to small and local businesses. Now he has his own digital marketing company Sasi10x at Madurai, with more than 100 people working. And Sasi10x is one of the best digital marketing companies in India.

modern and highly aesthetic office designs
sasi ram’s office

His income sources are also diverse, including his online courses from ___, through his 100s of blogs and youtube videos, affiliate marketing, etc. Now he is earning up to 1 crore annually. He said he won't stop here.

Sasi always dreams big, because he believes that “You can’t achieve things more than your dreams”. And wanted his students and followers to dream big.

Apart from this interest in all his digital marketing stuff, he is an aggressive reader, reads about 20 books per year, by just reading 30 minutes per day. you might have noticed that in his blog, he recommends many books in his blogs too. In fact, some of his are inspired by these books. He himself wrote a book named ____.

Sasi is the favorite son of his mom, but not to his father :D, just kidding, he loves his mom. Despite his busy business life, he always spends time with his family. He told me that Family is also one of the richest wealth one ever gets.

He is so kind, an environmentalist, and very much involved in social activities, he planted more than 1500 trees in his city until now. And constantly motivating people to plant more trees.

Make yourself happy with others' happiness.

planting saplings in memory of vivek sir.
sasi’s first 1st plant sapling

You might have known this before itself, he mentioned his health consciousness in his youtube Channel Which has more than 10lakhs subscribers, he is very conscious about his health, He jogs up to 5 km every morning and he plays volleyball with his friends after jogging which made him still look like a sexy teenager.

And there is more I would like to tell you about him, just check his videos and blog if you are didn't watched or read any of those. It will inspire, educate and entertain you.

Sasi doesn’t stop here, of course, he won’t stop, he told, his ambition is to become a top digital marketer in India, through the value-filled content he wants to help, guide, and motivate 10,00,000 people who are struggling in their career.

I wish him to achieve his goals and ambition and help more people to get their success.

His story would have motivated you to start your success journey now, I wish you success in your life, my friend.


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